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Diane Kaufman

Central Region Event Coordinator


     Diane developed a love for animals at a very young age; she can’t imagine a life without having a dog or cat around. She considers herself one of the lucky few girls to have been able to experience ranch life as a young adult. It was working on the ranch which taught her that horses and dogs have something in common, something you might not know about if you’re not a horse person. Horses and dogs are both know to be very loyal animals. If you develop that special bond with a horse, just as with a dog, it will protect you and love you no matter what.

     During her time on the ranch, Diane saw horses come in who were severely abused. Some were sad and completely broken down or disconnected while others, depending on their personality, were aggressive. The trainer would work with the horses for months and show them the love, trust, and loyalty that they needed. Diane quickly learned from this that the animal is not the one to be afraid of or mad out for their actions, it was the previous owner who had treated them wrong.

     The same scenario she saw with the horses she was eventually able to ride and love on the ranch are what we see in the negative media with our beloved pit bulls today. Anytime she hears the negativity, she says, “It’s not the breed, it’s the owners.” When she met Jolene and Kristin in April of 2014, she saw and liked what they represented, so she decided she wanted to be a part of their organization. Diane wanted to help educate people and to help them to realize that we as owners have the ability to make a difference in their perception. She thinks our motto says everything, “Real dogs. Real owners. Making a real difference.”

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