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Jolene Figueroa



   Jolene is a San Diego native and is a lover of all animals but has a very special place in her heart for the bully breed. She had her first Brindle Staffy named Petey as a child growing up. Petey came from an abusive situation living on the streets, but once Jolene's family took him in, he ended up living out a wonderful and happy 16 years of life after that.

   She later adopted the sweet and beautiful Miss Manders in 2008 and began volunteering her time with a local Pit Bull rescue. Later she adopted a handsome boy named Rocky in 2010 and in 2013 began to focus on positive Pit Bull awareness and advocacy work and having her dogs become ambassadors for their breed which began through social media Rocky and Manders Facebook page.


   After Rocky's passing in 2014, Jolene fostered the handsome Hercules to whom she became his "foster failure" in 2015. Hercules earned his AKC Canine Good Citizenship certification and became a Canine Ambassador with the San Diego Humane Society.


   In addition, Manders and Hercules carry on "Angel" Rocky's legacy as "Monsters" under the I'm Not a Monster Campaign and in 2014 helped raise over $23,000 in donated pet supplies in the Annual Monster Holiday Drive. (See the video here).

   Jolene does a year round collection of donated dog & cat essentials through local pet stores which she distributes to local shelters, rescue groups and pets in homeless communities on a monthly basis and volunteers her time to numerous fundraising and advocacy efforts for various rescue related causes.

   Now as Co-Founder of San Diego Pittie Parents Jolene is focused on continued positive breed awareness, mentoring and educating owners and the public of this amazing and loving breed and promoting responsible Pit Bull ownership.

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